About Us

We are a family owned and operated Lawn Care company servicing Greater Hartford and Litchfield Counties. Our expertise lies in the development and implementation of both traditional and organic fertilizer programs. We utilize time proven and tested methods to achieve the optimum state of health and vigor for your lawn.

Talcott Mountain does not mow lawns, rather, all of our resources are geared specifically for proper fertilization, weed, insect and disease prevention and control. By offering these services exclusively, we can devote the time and care needed to ensure your lawn is as healthy as it can be. As an owner operated company, you can also be assured of the kind of careful service and attention to detail that is lacking in the large, national chain lawn care companies.

Talcott Mountain utilizes only premium, all granular products for Lawn fertilizer applications. Each application contains excellent slow release characteristics that provide a gradual feeding of the grass plant rather than the flush growth and leaching associated with many fertilizers. Weed, insect and disease control products are used as specific, targeted applications as to minimize the use of pesticides and adhere to the kind of environmentally responsible conduct that should be the conscience of every Lawn Care professional.

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